Farewell Calypso

    The Passion for Pitties family is in mourning for our sweet Calypso. We had to lay her to rest yesterday evening at only 4 months of youth. Calypso was dumped outside of the Department of Animal Services in Bonita, California.  The animal care attendants were able to get her out from under the bush she was hiding in out of complete fear. She had a fractured leg and parvo.  The shelter contacted us to see if we could help this precious girl, we sent the x-rays to our vet and she spoke to the orthopedic specialist who said surgery should have been done within the first week of the fracture and at this point we just needed to wrap the injury and keep it immobile for a about 10 days. She beat parvo, and we had a recent Passion for Pitties adopter who stepped up to foster Calypso. She went straight to our vet to get her leg wrapped and her check up and so her journey was beginning. Little did we know that her ending was not going to be the happy one we all wished for her. I could go on and on but it seems the best answer my vet can offer is that there must have been a blood clot from the fractured leg that travelled through her body and up to her brain. When the fosters brought her to the vet in a panic, Calypso had a fever of 106 degrees and it was as if her brain was fried. Her tongue was hanging out, she was seizing, she was moaning and crying in pain, eyes dilated and her head was limp. The vet's team worked frantically to try and help her, they got her fever down to 99 degrees and put her on an IV drip. The vet had to keep sedating her, every time she would wake she cried in pain. I was praying for some kind of miracle, thinking my dear friend/foster/adopter Kathy would take her for the night and she'd get better by morning. Not the case...Kathy went to Eastlake Village Veterinary Clinic last night and my vet called mye at 6:45pm and told me she was not improving, Calypso was suffering and she asked what I wanted to do..."Want" has nothing to do with it, but it was what had to be done. I asked them to wait for me, got in my car and sped over to Dr. Bischel's. Kathy, her son and myself loved on her lifeless body as she moaned in discomfort while Dr. B laid her to rest.
     To the people that dumped sweet Calypso and didn't take care of her fracture as you should have, this is the result of what you did or should I say didn't do. Her life mattered, for every person out there that dumps their dog, we have no sympathy for you.
     To Lena and Josh, I'm so sorry...this was your first foster pup and the tragedy is so devastating for all of us .
    To our sweet Calypso, you will never be forgotten. We love you and we are so sorry this is how life ended for you. You did not get the happy ending you deserved, but you did certainly get to experience what it is like to be loved...if only for a short period of time, you left this world loved and always will be loved.
     Calypso will be cremated and she will be in the Passion for Pitties family forever. No more pain little one, you're in God's hands now. Rest in Peace.