The Truth


    Passion for Pitties is here to spread the truth about this breed. We are emphasizing the importance of adopting the American Pit Bull Terrier and overcome misconceptions with the breed. Pit Bulls have a proud history of service to families and our nation. They were added to families as nursing dogs and guardians for infants in the homes. Pit Bulls were the protectors of families and had always been treated as an important family member that was loved and cherished. Pit Bulls were also war heroes. The first breed ever to be given the Medal of Honor was a Pit Bull. Many served in the military and many other served alongside Police Officers and Fire Fighters. Pit Bulls have been outstanding service dogs. As a matter of fact, Helen Keller’s service dog was a Pit Bull. These are just a few of the facts about this amazing breed. Sadly, area shelters are teeming with discarded, abandoned Pit Bulls. Most are wrongly branded vicious and unadoptable. Passion for Pitties aims to bring Pit Bulls back to homes, to be loved, cherished, adored, and integrated in families to live a long, healthy, happy life. Pit Bulls are amazing they have overcome many obstacles humans have put them through, and it’s time to give these God's creatures the love they so deserve.


How can you help?

1. Rescue a Pit Bull in need. Adopt!!

2. Be a foster, give a dog a home and love until we find a 4ever home.

3. Sponsor a dog, maybe you can't foster but you want to help save a dog. You may sponsor a Pitty and give that dog a 2nd chance at life.

4. Donate. Let your heart be the guide, donations pay for health care, food, treats, enrichments such as kongs, nyla bones, blankets, crates, food dishes, etc.

5. Spread the word, be an advocate it takes a team of loving, caring individual to make an impact large enough to have things change for the better. Without you, Passion for Pitties will not be able to make the changes that these special, wonderful, loving dogs need so desperately.


The beautiful face you see here is Blossom. She was dumped at the shelter at only 3 months young. She was euthanized at 6 months. Blossom was never given a chance to flourish. These are the facts, let’s change them together. RIP sweet Blossom xoxo