Our Story

It all began in 2011 with a beautiful American Pit Bull Terrier named Sage. She was a gorgeous white and fawn girl with the most majestic green eyes and the cutest pink spotted nose. Our founder, Elise, volunteered at the shelter five days a week for 5 hours a day to help the dogs see another day. Sage was a stray who had been living at the Chula Vista Animal Care Facility for over four months. In that time, no one came to adopt her - no one came to rescue her. Elise built a wonderful relationship with Sage and loved her immensely.


One day, Elise went in to exercise Sage, but she was missing. Elise frantically searched every kennel, but couldn’t find her anywhere. Could she have finally been adopted? An employee finally told Elise the truth - that Sage’s time was up. The staff had evaluated her behavior and the poor sweetheart had lost some of the softness that she once had with other dogs. Life in a kennel had broken her spirit. Elise’s heart was shattered.


The end of Sage’s story was the beginning of ours. Elise swore that her life would not be in vain. American Pit Bull Terriers are our passion and our cause. We advocate tirelessly for bully breeds through education, events, and fundraisers. Now, our main focus is pulling more dogs like Sage from the shelter before their spirits are broken. We believe that any dog can be rehabilitated with positive training, reinforcement, and gentle human touch and guidance. All dogs ask for in return is love and kindness.


Pitties are loving, soft, gentle, smart, playful, loyal dogs who long for human companionship and deserve a family to love and be loved by. In honor of Sage, we vow to pull as many dogs into our rescue as possible and:






Passion for Pitties is a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization. Please consider tax deductible donations to aide us in saving and advocating for bully breed dogs in Southern California and beyond.

Our Team

In addition to a huge family of fosters, transporters, and donors, our rescue partners work behind the scenes to ensure the care and safety of all our animals.

Elise Burd
Anthony Poggione
Fonz Ramos
Jessica Poggione
Pitbull Portrait
Eglantina Gonzalez
Sarah Rhea
Mark Riley