Passion for Pitties

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How did this begin you ask?

     It began with a beautiful American Pit Bull Terrier named Sage. She was a lovely white and fawn girl with the most majestic green eyes and the cutest pink spotted nose.

     I volunteered at the shelter 5 days a week, 4-5 hours a day to help shelter dogs make it to another day. Sage was a stray and had been living in a kennel at the Chula Vista Animal Care Facility. She had been at the shelter for over 4 months, no one came to adopt her; no one came to rescue her. Over her last 2 months Sage and I built a wonderful relationship. I loved her and I always will.     

     On one particular day I went in to exercise Sage and she was missing. I couldn't find her anywhere after searching every kennel. I thought she had been adopted. I finally asked an employee for her whereabouts, and I was wrong...Sage's time had been up. The staff had evaluated Sage’s behavior and the poor sweetheart had lost some of her softness she once had with other dogs. Kennel life had broken Sage’s spirit. My heart was broken. My Sage is in doggie Heaven now. I miss her and I think of her often.

     Sage started my cause; I swore that her life would not be in vain. American Pit Bull Terriers are my passion and my cause I WILL advocate for this breed until God takes me to the place up in the heavens where I will once again be with my Sage, and all the beautiful Pitties like her that have left this world before their time.

     In memory of lovely Sage, you live on in my heart. God bless you. Happy frolicking in heaven with all your glorious furry friends that left this world too soon.

   Passion for Pitties is here to advocate and rescue these precious dogs. EVERY dog can be rehabilitated with positive training. Remember, it is not the dogs fault if they had a bad owner, the dog didn't ask for a bad human.They just ask for love & kindness. We assist in pulling this fabulous breed out of shelters before their spirits are broken.


To donate you may go to Paypal under savepitties@yahoo.com or www.passionforpitties.com and click on the "Donate" tab PASSION FOR PITTIES IS 501C3 NON-PROFIT and 100% of donations go directly to save the lives of this beautiful breed of dog. Pitties are loving, soft, playful, God sent creatures that long for human companionship and a family to belong to ...to love and to be loved. ADOPT AN AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER TODAY RESCUE A PIT BULL They need your love as much as you need theirs!


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